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10,718 available .io one-word domains

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About the .io TLD

What is the .io TLD?

A .io TLD is a top-level domain originally assigned to the British Indian Ocean Territory but widely used by technology companies and startups.

Facts about the .io TLD

The .io TLD gained popularity among tech startups and companies due to its association with 'IO' as an abbreviation for 'input/output' in computing. It's commonly used for technology-related websites and services.

Why choose the .io TLD?

Using a .io TLD can help technology companies and startups establish a modern and innovative online presence. It's recognized within the tech industry and can attract tech-savvy users.

For what uses should I choose the .io TLD?

It's ideal for technology startups, software companies, IT firms, and businesses offering tech-related products or services.

Who can buy a .io domain?

Anyone can register a .io domain name, and it's particularly popular among technology companies and startups seeking a domain extension that reflects their tech focus.

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