Every week, I offer you updated one-word domain name availability reports on mononames. This week, I’m thrilled to announce a massive expansion in our .com offerings!

12 New .com Lists: Prefixes and Suffixes

I’ve added 12 new lists of .com domains with popular prefixes and suffixes, dramatically increasing your options:

  • Prefix ‘get’: 20,381 .com domains
  • Prefix ‘my’: 16,841 .com domains
  • Prefix ’the’: 9,972 .com domains
  • Prefix ’try’: 29,330 .com domains
  • Prefix ‘use’: 31,499 .com domains
  • Prefix ‘your’: 26,233 .com domains
  • Suffix ‘ai’: 18,196 .com domains
  • Suffix ‘agi’: 34,062 .com domains
  • Suffix ‘gpt’: 28,765 .com domains
  • Suffix ‘group’: 12,847 .com domains
  • Suffix ‘hq’: 27,816 .com domains
  • Suffix ‘solutions’: 22,225 .com domains

This expansion adds over 270,000 new .com one-word domain options for you to explore!

Welcome Back: .es, .ch, and .to

I’m pleased to announce the return of three popular TLDs to our reports:

  • .es
  • .ch
  • .to

These additions provide even more international options for your domain name search.

New Feature: Premium Domain Highlighting

To help you make informed decisions, I’ve added a new feature to mononames.
Now, premium domains set by registries are highlighted with a yellow cell in our reports.
This not only indicates that these domains are potentially more sought-after but also that they may come with a higher reservation price.

Expanding Opportunities

With these exciting updates, I continue to ensure that mononames remains your go-to resource for discovering available one-word domain names.
The addition of 270,000+ .com options, along with the return of .es, .ch, and .to TLDs, significantly broadens your choices.

Whether you’re looking for an AI-related domain, a solution-oriented name, or a catchy prefix, I’ve got you covered.
And with the new premium domain highlighting, you’ll have even more insight into the value and potential cost of your domain choices.

I invite you to explore these new possibilities and find your perfect domain name by visiting mononames today.